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Meet Dilna, self-taught artist of Malappuram captivating art lovers

Dilna Sherin along with her paintings. Image Credit: Special Arrangement

A girl from Pulpatta in Malappuram is captivating the art community through her paintings which she mastered without any formal training. Meet Dilna Sherin P P, 23, who has defied conventional norms to create art works purely through her raw creativity and passion. 

Dilna has garnered attention for her extraordinary ability to express herself on canvas despite never receiving any formal training in drawing or painting. What sets her apart is not only her innate ability to create visually stunning artwork but also portray contemporary, relevant issues and topics through her works. Dilna effortlessly communicates her thoughts and emotions, transcending the boundaries of language, through her paintings. 

It was her mother Salmath P, who first noticed her talent in drawing when she was studying in fourth standard. Since then, she has drawn over a thousand paintings portraying topics like violence against women and children. Her subjects also range from vibrant landscapes to portraits bursting with life and happiness. 

For Dilna, artwork is a way to connect with the world around her. “I want to express my protest whenever I see news reports on violence against women and children. I just feel something inside me always responding to such incidents and I put it on the canvas,” Dilna told Open Digest.  

Dilna conducted her first exhibition at Kottakkunnu Art Gallery in Malappuram which became a turning point in her life. She has so far conducted 18 art exhibitions. Dilna, who is currently pursuing her graduation in fine arts, has also started learning illustration, digital drawing and photography. 

She won the Kalashrestha Award and the World Inner Vision Award for her works. Her logo design was selected as the official logo for the state sports meet in 2017, from around 2500 entries.

She is thankful to her parents, family members, teachers and students who have been motivating her.  “My father Abdulla P P, a driver by profession, and mother Salmath have played a big role in shaping the artist in me,” she said. As Dilna could master painting avoiding the constraints of traditional techniques and rules, her works reflected her own artistic path unrestricted by conventional norms.

Dilna is an example to those youngsters who want to explore their creativity with fearless determination. Her journey as an artist has broken the conventional norm that formal training is a prerequisite for artistic success.

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