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Meet Guruvayur native Shabeer who is on a mission to travel around the world

Mohammed Shabeer

This 38-year-old Guruvayur native Mohammed Shabeer is on a mission to travel around the world. He has already been to Turkey, Hong Kong, Ladakh and Nepal. His next attempt is to tour the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries on a motorcycle.

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Shabeer is currently working as an engineer in Doha, Qatar and is busy preparing for his next solo trip around GCC. “It was in 2015 that I seriously started travelling. My first trip was to Ladakh from my home town in Thrissur. The journey was planned in such a way that I could cover a vast extent of India,”Shabeer told “Open Digest”.

He said though he passed through Rajasthan, he had todo another exclusive trip to cover Rajasthan after he found the state more charming.”I returned and did another trip to cover Rajasthan. I travelled to Pushkar, Udaipur and Ajmer. These places are so enchanting. It’s a must visit place,”Shabeer said. Shabeer decided to hit the road after he got inspired by his wish to see the world. “Road trip to Nepal was so exciting. That trip I did in a car,” he said. 

After the Nepal trip, Shabeer decided to switch his mode of travel when he went on a journey to Turkey. “I fully relied on public transport. It’s a new experience as we meet local people and interact with them,” he said. Shabeer also did a trip to Hong Kong along with his wife and three children. “When we did Hong Kong trip, my younger child was a new born. Hong Kong is a place where we could reach every nook and corner using public transport. So we covered the entire Hong Kong using public transport. It was an enjoyable occasion,” Shabeer added.

“It’s the right time to do a GCC trip on motorcycle and I am going to do it. My dream is to cover the entire world in another two to three years,” he added.

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