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Meet Kerala youngsters redefining mobility for disabled with assistive technology

From Left: Don Paul, Sarath M S and Sooraj C

These three youngsters from Kerala have embarked on a mission dedicated to designing and manufacturing assistive technologies that enhance the safety and comfort of disabled individuals requiring assistance for movement.

In fact, it was a tragic car accident of one of their friends who was left paralysed for months that prompted the young engineers – Don Paul, Sooraj C and Sarath M S of Government Engineering College in Thrissur to launch a startup Desintox Technologies Pvt Ltd to craft automated wheelchairs and other equipment to enhance the mobility and independence of those with physical disabilities.

“It was while studying for engineering that one of our friends met with an accident. He was paralysed for months. We realised the challenges and limitations faced by him in his path of recovery. As we have also worked on assistive technology for our various projects, we decided to launch a firm of our own to create a solution that would revolutionise the field of assistive technology,” said Desintox Technologies Founder and CEO Don Paul.

Currently, their startup is on a mission to design and manufacture state-of-the-art automated wheelchairs and mobility aids that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology to empower individuals with physical disabilities.

The startup has already launched a couple of innovative products that include an electric standing wheelchair to help the disabled person to be independent to the maximum extent. The wheelchair helps the patient to stand on their own and also to move by themselves using easy to use joystick control.

The standing wheel chair developed by the youngsters

“Our devices are poised to redefine the boundaries of mobility, allowing users to navigate with ease and freedom. We started the firm to make a meaningful impact on the lives of millions of disabled people,” Don Paul told “Open Digest“. According to Don Paul, all their products align with the desires and needs of a physically disabled person.

The entrepreneurial journey of these youngsters is a testament to their determination in not only redefining mobility for the physically disabled but also reimagining the future of assistive technology.

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