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Meet Unni P S, a self-taught makeup artist who chased his dream despite all odds

Unni P S with actor Kavya Madhavan. Image Credit:

His family wanted him to be an engineer or a doctor. But Unni P S, 30, of Kochi, chose to pursue his passion to become a makeup artist. Overcoming all the obstacles in the last nine years, this self-taught makeup artist has now become one of the favourites of the celebrities.

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Unni, who holds a Diploma in Interior Designing, had to really work hard to pursue his passion to become a makeup artist. “I never had any formal training in makeup. From my school days, I used to participate in dance events and apply makeup myself for the shows. I decided to become a makeup artist because I love doing it,” Unni told “Open Digest”.

Unni had to face stiff resistance from his family when he revealed his desire to become a makeup artist. “They never wanted me to pursue a career as a makeup artist because it was never considered a profession at that time. I still remember the shock on their faces when I told them that I am going to be a make-up artist,” he said.

Unni now works as a freelance makeup professional offering his services to models and actors in the state. “I take up photoshoot assignments, award nights, stage shows and bridal makeup. I am indebted to a lot of people in the Malayalam film industry who have reposed faith in me,” Unni said.

From Kavya Madhavan to Saniya Iyappan, Unni has worked with the who’s who of Malayalam film industry.

He has a word of advice to those youngsters who are struggling to convince their parents about choosing a profession or career of their preference. “You need to be confident about your talent and put in your best. Be firm on your decisions and you will get results,” he added.

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