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More opportunities to open up for Keralites as Canada to admit more immigrants

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Libi Zacharia, 35, of Thiruvalla moved to Canada three years back after he opted for a change. An MBA graduate, Libi took the risk to move to this North American country, quitting a decent job in Kerala.

Three years have gone by now and Libi is happy that he made the right decision at the age of 32. Though life was tough during the initial days, basically acclimatising to totally different weather and work culture, Libi managed to pull off a well paying job and take his family comprising wife and two children to Canada within a year. The best thing about his migration was that he secured a federal job in the postal department.

“A lot of federal and provincial jobs are getting filled by our people. Canada is one of the best immigrant friendly countries in the world if any one from Kerala is looking for a change. News reports say the country has now decided to open up their immigration policy and allow more people to come in. There will be a new set of immigrant friendly policies by 2023,” Libi said.

<strong>Libi along with his wife Sony Libi in front of City Hall in Toronto Canada <strong>

It’s not the case of Libi alone, a lot of youngsters from Kerala have started to move to Canada as the country offers good opportunities for the young labour force. Libi says that youngsters with relevant qualifications should choose the proper Canadian government channel to migrate as it offers a lot of options and the reliable way. One should go through the website for details.

Recently, Overseas Development and Employment Promotion Consultants (ODEPC) Ltd, a Kerala Government agency, conducted an education fair for students who were interested to pursue studies abroad and majority of the students who turned up at the fair were keen to shift to the United Kingdom and Canada.

As per the latest reports, the Canadian government has announced its aggressive decision to take in 500,000 immigrants a year by 2025. Experts say that this decision will definitely pave the way for more youngsters from Kerala moving to Canada in the next three years. BBC has run a detailed report on Canada’s new immigration policy stating that the new plan would see Canada welcome about eight-times the number of permanent residents each year – per population – than the UK, and four-times more than its southern neighbour, the United States.

Data shows that Canada allowed 405,000 permanent residents in 2021 and the main reason for that according to reports is the country’s ageing population with a lower birth rate. Canada is heavily relying on immigrant workforce to keep its economy on an upward growth.

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