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“News Challenge” for honing journalism skills of students

St. Albert’s College has collaborated with Open Digest for a Youth Skill Development Initiative to promote positive journalism that highlights stories of hope, resilience, and positive change. The initiative titled “News Challenge” is sponsored by Global Educational Consultants.

The initiative not only contributes to a more constructive news landscape but also provides an invaluable learning opportunity for journalism students of St. Albert’s.

The News Challenge is a unique competition that encourages journalism students to seek out and share stories that inspire, uplift, and showcase the best of humanity. It focuses on reporting positive news, ranging from heartwarming human-interest stories to impactful tales of community initiatives and innovations.

Benefits for Journalism Students

1. Encourages Investigative Reporting Skills

Our News Challenge Contest pushes them to develop their investigative reporting skills in the context of positive stories. They learn to dig deeper, uncover hidden gems of positivity, and present them in a compelling manner.

2. Nurtures Storytelling Techniques

Positive news stories require a unique approach to storytelling. Contest participants must learn to engage readers emotionally, crafting narratives that resonate with the audience and leave a lasting impact. This skill is highly transferable to all forms of journalism.

3. Promotes Ethical Journalism

In the pursuit of positive news, journalism students learn the importance of ethical reporting. They understand that while it’s crucial to highlight positive stories, it’s equally essential to maintain accuracy, fairness, and balance in their reporting.

4. Offers Real-world Experience

Our News Challenge exposes students to the realities of the journalism field. They experience the entire process, from identifying potential stories, conducting interviews, fact-checking, to writing and editing, mirroring the responsibilities of professional journalists.

5. Builds a Portfolio

Winning or even participating in News Challenge provides journalism students with a valuable addition to their portfolios. It showcases their ability to cover diverse and meaningful stories, making them more attractive to future employers.

6. Fosters Networking Opportunities

Digital media platforms often have a broad reach. By participating in the News Challenge, students can connect with professionals in the industry, opening doors to potential internships, mentorships, and career opportunities.

7. Encourages Critical Thinking

Positive news stories often require a deeper understanding of complex issues and the ability to find solutions. Students develop critical thinking skills as they analyse situations and propose ways to create positive change through their reporting.

This Youth Skill Development Initiative offers a remarkable opportunity for journalism students to grow and develop as future journalists. It encourages them to explore the more uplifting side of news reporting, equipping them with essential skills such as investigative journalism, storytelling techniques, ethical reporting, and real-world experience.

In an era where journalism is evolving rapidly, and the demand for constructive news is on the rise, this contest empowers the next generation of journalists to be agents of change in the media landscape. It is not only about telling stories but also about fostering a sense of hope and inspiration in a world that needs it more than ever.

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