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Office worker & fish farmer: Woman juggles roles to chase her dreams

Smija M B at her cage fish farm in Ernakulam. Image Credit: Smija M B

Getting into an entrepreneur role is not an easy task for a woman, and if she has to juggle different roles to chase her dreams, then things become even more challenging. Smija M B of Moothakunam in Ernakulam is one such woman who is into multi-tasking as a homemaker, office goer and a fish farmer.

For the last three years, 40-year-old Smija has been involved in cage fish farming in Periyar River at Moothakunnam, even after studying computer science and working in an animation studio.

“It was in 2018 when I started cage fish farming after the Department of Fisheries introduced its cage fishing project. The department provided me with the training to manage things on my own, and my husband, Unnikrishnan, supported me,” Smija told “Open Digest.”

In fact, with Smija taking up cage farming as an enterprising project, several other women in her locality came forward to participate in cage farming. “Cage farming is a promising venture. If one has a genuine interest in fish farming, cage farming is the right thing to do. We started small and soon expanded as we could sell more fish,” Smija said.

When the 2018 floods badly damaged her cage farm, causing her a loss, Smija didn’t lose heart. “We lost a lot of fish in the floods, but we didn’t give up. We are still fully committed to cage farming. We expanded our operations,” Smija said.

Smija, who also works in an animation studio, finds enough time to complete the various tasks at the farm. “We need to be fully dedicated if we want to be a successful cage fish farmer. We are earning a decent income from the fish farm. Cage fish farming can be a stable source of income for women if one puts in 100 percent effort,” she added.

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