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People prefer dining at hotels with hygiene ranking in ‘Eat Right Kerala’ app

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Mere looks of restaurants and hotels can no more deceive customers for hygiene. The app “Eat Right Kerala” launched by Kerala Government to provide hygiene star ratings for hotels is gaining momentum as more people are using the app to see the ratings of the hotel before dining.

As per the latest details, over 1000 people have already started using the Android version of the app while the iOS version is yet to get big traction.  To get better hygiene ranking, a hotel or restaurant has to comply with approximately 40 food safety standards, ensuring safe food and hygienic conditions. The app by Kerala Food Safety Department also provides information about hotels and their locations. Currently, 1,600 hotels in various districts have completed the hygiene rating and are listed in the app. The app also enables the public to lodge complaints against a hotel.

Food Safety officials said the new app will give diners peace of mind by showcasing eateries that are hygiene-focused. “The app has been launched to ensure the well-being of citizens and promote food safety practices. It’s a reliable resource to identify restaurants and eateries that strictly adhere to and follow the highest standards of hygiene and food safety practices. The Eat Right Kerala app has become a perfect tool for discerning diners who prioritise quality and hygiene when choosing a place to eat. It only showcases restaurants, cafes and food establishments that have met and surpassed stringent food safety regulations set by the government,” said a senior food safety officer.

The restaurants, hotels and eateries are graded and rated through a rigorous evaluation process conducted by food safety inspectors. The ratings are given based on various criteria such as proper food storage, staff training in sanitation procedures, regular cleaning routines and adherence to health regulations.

Apart from empowering consumers, the app has also motivated restaurant owners to prioritise food safety practices. The app has effectively sparked a competitive atmosphere within the industry as hotels vie for a higher position on the cleanliness rankings to attract more customers.

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