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Plastic waste collection all time high in Kerala

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Kerala’s effort to scientifically dispose of plastic waste is showing positive signs with Clean Kerala Company managing to collect 1014.04 tonnes of plastic waste in May 2023 compared to 620.59 tonnes in May 2022.

The Clean Kerala Company plays the major role in creating a garbage-free Nava Keralam by collecting and scientifically disposing of inorganic and solid waste. As per the latest data with Kerala government, a record metric tonne of garbage was removed in May by Clean Kerala Company. The company has collected and disposed of 5355.08 metric tons of waste in May 2023 while it was 3728.74 MT in May 2022.

“The separated plastic waste which was only 620.59 tonnes in May 2022 increased to 1014.04 tonnes in May 2023. In May 2023, Clean Kerala Company handed over Rs 63.55 lakh and in April 2023, it handed over 57.02 lakh rupees to Haritha Karma Sena for collecting solid waste from households in the state,” said an official statement.

“The government’s efforts in collecting plastic waste and converting it into shredded plastic for reprocessing are yielding positive results. Through the network of Haritha Karma Sena, we could establish an efficient plastic waste collection program. Dedicated collection centers were also set up across the state. Converting the collected plastic into shredded plastic has been crucial in scientific management of the plastic waste,” said a senior official of Clean Kerala Company, which collected a record volume of garbage in May 2023.

The company has collected and disposed of 5355.08 metric tons of waste in May 2023 compared to 3728.74 metric tons in May 2022. The data shows that a total of 30,218 metric tonnes of waste was removed in 2022-23 compared to 7,657 metric tonnes of waste removed in 2021-22. In the last financial year, the company was able to produce 259.98 tonnes of shredded plastic, out of which, 55.92 tonnes were transferred for various purposes.

In addition to the above figures, Clean Kerala Company also removed 7,610.53 tonnes of legacy waste, 1,713.56 tonnes of multi-layer plastic, 197.868 tonnes of e-waste, 36.65 tonnes of hazardous waste, 1,053.67 tonnes of glass waste, 327.71 tonnes of textile waste, 2,037.59 tonnes of waste in the shoe-bag-thermocol category, and 7.77 tonnes of medicine strips.

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