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Proud moment for 3 Kerala youth as Dubai govt evinces interest in their space startup iHub Robotics

Akhil Haridas, Athil Krishna and Sarath S, the three founders of iHub Robotics in Kochi, Kerala. Image Credit : i Hub Robotics

Three young Kerala engineers, who have come together to launch a space technology startup iHub Robotics in Kochi, are now very much excited about closing a major deal with the Dubai government after putting in years of hard work to develop an innovative low-cost communication satellite.

It was an extraordinary ambition and shared fascination for space technology that made the three friends — Athil Krishna, Sarath S and Akhil Haridas — who studied together at Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore for Mechatronics Engineering to launch iHub Robotics in 2022 and a subsidiary I Aero Sky.

The trio made their first breakthrough when they developed a low cost communication satellite “Nambi Sat ” named after former Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scientist Nambi Narayanan. Even as they are into extensive research to develop a low cost satellite launch rocket which will be propelled by helium or hydrogen filled balloon, their low-cost communication satellite ‘Nambi Sat” has grabbed the attention of international companies in space technology.

The Dubai government has shown keen interest in their project and has entered into discussions with iHub Robotics for forging a formal partnership in developing the revolutionary communication satellite. “We are in discussion with the Dubai Government for a potential collaboration aimed at developing our satellite. If the partnership materialises, it will be a major achievement for us,” Athil Krishna, CEO of iHub Robotics told “Open Digest“.

“We decided to pursue our dream in space technology after we saw immense opportunity for technologies that could bring down cost in developing satellites and launch vehicles,” Athil Krishna added.  

As discussions with the Dubai government are progressing, the future of iHub Robotics and I Aero Sky looks promising and the three friends, backed by a 35 highly talented staff, are well on their way to making an indelible mark in the realm of space technology.

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