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Students turn school backyard into vegetable farm in Wayanad, reap rich

Students at their farm set up at the school backyard.

When officials of Pozhuthana Krishi Bhavan in Wayanad decided to build a small vegetable farm at the backyard of a government upper primary school at Pinangode three months ago, they had no idea that their modest attempt would blossom into a pesticide free farm with cabbages, tomatoes, green chillies and long beans.

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In fact, the farm has turned out to be a whole new learning experience for the students of the school who have now shown the world that farming can be successfully done in available space. From watering to manuring, the students took over the responsibility of maintaining the farm which is now ready for a big harvest.

The Krishi Bhavan led by its agricultural officer Amal Vijay launched the vegetable farming at the school to imbibe the spirit of farming in students.

“We launched the school farm to engage the students in farming. It also provided the teachers innovative ways to teach students about wellbeing and green issues,” said Amal Vijay.

It took only three months for the students to grow vegetables which are now ready for harvest. The vegetables will be used by the school authorities for preparing food for the students as part of the noon-meal programme.

“We are running a similar farm school project in three schools in the region and it will be expanded to other schools also in the due course. We are getting tremendous support from the teachers of the schools,” he said.

Kerala Education Minister V Sivankutty, who visited the farm at the school, was all praise for the students for successfully cultivating the vegetables.

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