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Tech world awestruck after young Kerala girl develops app to detect eye diseases

The post made by Leena Rafeeq in LinkedIn. Image Credit: Leena Rafeeq/LinkedIn

A young Kerala girl’s innovative AI-driven mobile app to detect various eye diseases and conditions has taken the tech world by storm. Reports are pouring in from various platforms about the development of an Artificially Intelligent mobile app called “Ogler EyeScan” which is capable of detecting various eye diseases and conditions through a unique scanning process with iPhone.

The girl identified as Leena Rafeeq, in her LinkedIn account, which is handled by her parent, announced the exciting news about the app which she developed. “Exciting news! I am thrilled to announce the submission of my new Artificially Intelligent mobile app, named Ogler EyeScan. I created this Ai App at the age of 10. Ogler is capable of detecting various eye diseases and conditions through a unique scanning process with your iPhone. Using advanced computer vision, and machine learning algorithms, Ogler can analyse various parameters such as light and colour intensity, distance, and look-up points to locate the eyes within the frame range. It also identifies any light burst issues and if the eyes are positioned exactly inside the scanner frame,” she wrote in her post.

She further added that the app utilises trained models to diagnose potential eye diseases or conditions such as Arcus, Melanoma, Pterygium, and Cataract. The App was developed natively with SwiftUI without any third-party libraries or packages, and it took me six months of research and development to bring this innovative app to life.

“Ogler is currently supported in iPhone 10 and above with iOS 16+. The app is currently under #appstore review, and I am hopeful that it will be listed soon,” she added. Reports say that Leena was the sister of Hana Rafeeq who rose to fame after Apple CEO Tim Cook praised her for becoming the youngest iOS app developer. Both the sisters are Dubai settled and have been into coding right from a very young age. 

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