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Techie in Kochi, farmer in Pala: Meet Kerala man juggling roles to chase his passion

Ajith S at his farm in Pala, Kerala. Image Credit: Special Arrangement

Ajith S is a successful IT entrepreneur in Kerala who became a farmer to ensure that people get fresh vegetables at an affordable rate. Giving no scope for middlemen to fleece the people, Ajith sells vegetables cultivated at his farm directly to the customers.

This 37-year-old computer science engineer of Pala in Kottayam, who has been successfully running an IT firm in Ernakulam, took up farming because of his passion and a deep-rooted connection to the land. “My parents were farmers and I enjoyed farming right from my childhood days. Farming has been in my blood since I was a child,” Ajith told “Open Digest“.

Many were surprised when Ajith decided to take up farming as a serious endeavour. But for Ajith, farming is not just a hobby but a way to find solace and peace amidst the fast-paced world of technology. “There’s something magical about getting your hands in the soil, watching plants grow, and contributing to the community by providing fresh and quality vegetables,” he said. At his farm, nestled on the banks of Meenachil river, Ajith cultivates a wide variety of vegetables. “I have created a WhatsApp group and post the details of vegetables after harvesting. People come to my farm to buy fresh vegetables. I am happy that I could provide quality vegetables to people,” he said, adding that he has plans to further expand the operations of the farm to cater to more people.

While many wonder how Ajith manages both farming and his IT company, Ajith says that Covid-induced lockdown has totally changed the work culture in the IT sector. “My company has totally embraced work from home mode. We only need to complete a specific task at a given deadline. My team members are working remotely from their homes. Moreover, activities like farming are a big stress reliever. Farming helps me disconnect from the constant demands of the tech world and rejuvenates my mind,” he said.

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