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The Kerala women seizing Onam’s floral demand by cultivating flowers

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As Kerala heavily depends on Tamil Nadu for flowers during the Onam season, a group of women in Kottayam has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to cultivate flowers to cash in on the huge demand of flowers during Onam in Kerala.

Realising the potential to earn some extra money, these women have turned a 50 cent plot into a flourishing business opportunity. Despite having no prior experience in flower farming, their venture is aimed at cultivating most demand flowers like Vadamalli (Globe Amaranth) and Jamanthi (Chrysanthemum flower in orange and yellow colours).

The four women – Girija Rajan, Molly Mathai, Sarasamma Kesavan and Vilasini Mohan Raj, residents of a quaint village Pallikathodu in Kottayam, are driven by the success they reaped last year during the Onam festivities. “The local Krishi Bhavan is supporting us,” they said. With unwavering determination, the women meticulously studied various techniques, including soil preparation, planting, irrigation and pest control.

“None of us had any background in farming but we believed in the potential of this venture. We started small, with a 50 cent plot, and slowly learned the ropes of flower cultivation. We could do better last year and we expect to repeat it this year also,” said Girija Rajan. Though the women have been doing vegetable cultivation for the last few years, they don’t have much experience in flower cultivation. “Last year, things weren’t as easy as expected. But by Onam season, our plot transformed into a vibrant garden full of flowers. Our flowers were in high demand not only for households but also for events and decorations during the festival,” Girija added.

Their inspiring journey from being ordinary women with no farming experience to flourishing flower entrepreneurs stands as a testament to the power of determination, creativity, and the willingness to embrace new opportunities.

These women have shown us that with passion and perseverance even the simplest of ideas can bloom into extraordinary success.

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