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They did group farming in Kerala, doubled their income

The farmers who are leading the farming group at Kottayam in Kerala. Photo: Special Arrangement.

A group of people from Kottayam in Kerala are defying stereotypes and proving that farming can indeed be a successful venture in Kerala that can generate high returns and positively contribute to the health of the people.

For the last 27 years, Madathiparambil Vijayan, 65, Ambattumalayil Sibi Thomas, 52, and Nedumthottiyil Shaji, 47, have been leading a group under the name Adithya Farmers Association at Kothanalloor in Kottayam, cultivating pesticide-free vegetables.

Gone are the days when farming was considered a labor-intensive and low-income occupation primarily for the younger generation. Today, these farmers are leveraging innovation, knowledge, and experience to transform their agricultural practices, maximizing yields and profits.

It all began when the three friends decided to start farming on a small scale in 1997 to cultivate fresh and pesticide-free vegetables for their own consumption.

“We began farming to produce pesticide-free vegetables for our home kitchens. But we soon realized that there is a growing demand for fresh vegetables, and people deserve access to fresh and quality produce. We recognized it as our duty to provide pesticide and chemical-free vegetables to the people, and started growing fresh vegetables on a large scale,” Vijayan told “Open Digest“.

Soon, other farmers joined the group and expanded their cultivation, following a mixed farming strategy. Instead of cultivating a single vegetable, they started farming different varieties, including bottle gourd, snake gourd, beans, cucumber, tapioca, and banana.

The vegetables are harvested on Wednesdays and Sundays and transported to the Kuruppanthara market for sale. The farmers receive good prices for their produce, as vendors are always keen to purchase their high-quality vegetables.

“Our spirit and enthusiasm for farming are unwavering. With the right knowledge and resources, farming can be incredibly rewarding,” they said. These farmers serve as beacons of inspiration for the younger generation, challenging the notion that agriculture is a profession of last resort. Through their success stories, they are encouraging youth to view farming as a viable and profitable career option.

By embracing modern techniques, diversifying crops, and adopting a business mindset, these farmers have shown us how to make farming a successful entrepreneurial venture.

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    I appreciate your good intentions and effort
    Congratulations đź‘Ź I

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