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Thiruvananthapuram Medical College ranks top for highest number of cardiac intervention treatments

Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. Image Credit : Adnan Haleem/

The public healthcare system in Kerala continues to achieve new heights with Thiruvananthapuram Medical College getting a major recognition for providing the highest number of cardiac intervention treatments including angioplasty in the country.

As per the latest details, the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College has secured the fifth position in the ranking of hospitals that have provided the highest number of cardiac intervention treatments. It also holds the distinction of being the leading hospital in the state in terms of providing intervention treatments. The ranking was announced during the National Intervention Council meeting.

An official statement said Thiruvananthapuram Medical College in 2022 conducted a total of 3,446 cardio intervention treatments. These treatments encompass a range of procedures, including valve straightening without surgery, advanced pacemaker implantation to address slow heartbeats, CRT therapy for individuals at risk of cardiac arrest, resynchronisation therapy and angioplasty to address even complex heart conditions without resorting to surgery.

The latest recognition to Thiruvananthapuram Medical College comes at a time when Niti Aayog in its last report has ranked Kerala as the top-performing state in the health sector in the Covid year 2020-21. The report has stated that Kerala secured the first position in the annual health index for 2020-21 among the 19 ‘larger states’. While Kerala was in the first position, Tamil Nadu and Telangana earned the second and third positions, respectively. The health index is calculated based on 24 indicators, including neonatal mortality rate, sex ratio at birth, and immunisation coverage.

Kerala has also fared better than any other state in the country in terms of nutritional availability and public healthcare. As per the latest Social Progress Index (SPI) of states and districts released by the Economic Advisory Council and Institute for Competitiveness and Social Progress Imperative, Kerala’s score on both nutritional availability and public healthcare was 67.88 which was highest in the country.

Kerala’s ability to contain anaemia in women and the lowest maternal and infant mortality rate have brought the state to the forefront in this field. Pathanamthitta is at the forefront in terms of nutritional availability. About 50.1 per cent of children aged 6-23 months are receiving adequate nutrition.

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