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This Kerala industrialist to recruit individuals with physical disabilities and more women in his company

Pahalisha Kalliyath

Despite being wheelchair-bound after suffering a spinal cord injury in a car accident in 2009, Pahalisha Kalliyath, the executive director of India’s fast growing steel manufacturer Kairali TMT, has demonstrated incredible resilience and determination to rise above his challenges.

Now, Pahalisha Kalliyath is on a noble mission to foster inclusivity in his workplace. He has decided to conduct a special recruitment drive to provide employment to more women and individuals with physical disabilities in his company.

Having faced and triumphed over numerous personal challenges following the accident that totally devastated his boxing and power-lifting career, Pahalisha now wanted to make a difference in the lives of others facing similar circumstances. Pahalisha was in his second year of college when he met with the accident. He was a state-level award-winning boxer and a powerlifter at that time.

“Being on wheelchair, I am facing a lot of challenges. I know the trials and tribulations that come with a physical disability. I could overcome these challenges because of the strong support of my family and the better circumstances I am in. So I want to provide those with individuals with physical disability an opportunity to come up in life. They deserve an equal shot at success and fulfilment,” Pahalisha told “Open Digest”.

As the offices of Kairali TMT are all disabled-friendly, he strongly believes that Kairali TMT will be the perfect platform for creating opportunities for physically disabled individuals. In addition to creating opportunities for the disabled, Pahalisha is also focusing on empowering women. He wants to break down the barriers that have traditionally hindered the progress of the women in the society. “We want to create an ecosystem making our company a beacon of gender diversity,” he added.

Pahalisha Kalliyath with his elder brother Humayoon Kalliyath

“We are fully backing up Pahalisha’s vision to make a difference by providing gainful employment to physically disabled individuals and women. We want to offer them a chance to lead fulfilling lives and contribute to society to the best of their abilities. This is for the first time that a company in Kerala is conducting such an exclusive recruitment drive with a social commitment,” said Humayoon Kalliyath, elder brother of Pahalisha.

Humayoon Kalliyath said Pahalisha’s personal experiences have driven him to create a more inclusive workplace, where diversity is celebrated and embraced. “Through this initiative, he is not only transforming lives but also setting an inspiring example for the entire business world,” Humayoon Kalliyath added.

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