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This Kerala woman transforms waste into chic decor for a greener future

Renjini Thampi

This creative entrepreneur in Kerala has embarked on a novel venture that is revolutionising the concept of waste management, preventing numerous discarded materials from reaching landfills and water bodies.

Renjini Thampi, 35, of Tripunithura has launched an ingenious business that repurposes discarded glass bottles, wood materials, and newspapers into stunning decor and utility products. Not only is her enterprise reshaping discarded materials, but it’s also playing a vital role in curbing pollution by preventing these items from polluting water bodies and overcrowding landfills.

Renjini began this venture with a mission embracing the circular model that champions reuse and repurposing. Her startup “Vapasee” breathes new life into items that would otherwise contribute to the planet’s mounting waste crisis.

“We transform glass bottles into decor items like vases, clocks and candle holders. Wooden offcuts are again handcrafted to make it to other utility products while newspapers are transformed into unique artefacts and eco-friendly packaging solutions,” Renjini told “Open Digest”.

“Every piece we create is a testament to the potential that discarded materials hold,” she said. By utilising glass bottles, wood scraps and newspapers, Vapasee is helping to alleviate the burdens of pollution and waste accumulation.

What began just as a passion a few years back to positively contribute to the society has now emerged as a strong movement harmonising sustainability and style. “We have so far transformed over 21,000 glass bottles into decor items. We started by collecting glass from scrap dealers but now we have drop points where people can deposit glass bottles. Apart from glass, we have up-cycled coconut shells, wood items and metal waste,” she added.

Her venture is not only fostering a cleaner environment but also inspiring others to think creatively about waste ultimately leading us all towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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