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This Kerala youth voluntarily performs mono-act to fight drug abuse

Ratheesh Varavoor performing on a stage. Image Credit: Special Arrangement.

This youth from Kerala has been using the power of mono-act to positively influence students, keeping them away from drugs. For the past two years, 40-year-old Ratheesh Varavoor, a native of Varavoor in Thrissur, has been voluntarily performing mono-acts on stages in Malayalam, Hindi, English, and Tamil spreading messages to combat drug abuse.

So far, he has performed on over 300 stages and has won several awards. Though he started in 2022 with a 10-minute performance, he has expanded it now to 35 minutes with compelling content to grab the attention of the audience.

Ratheesh has meticulously crafted his performances, weaving together narratives that resonate with audiences of all ages. Through his evocative portrayals, he confronts the harsh realities of addiction, dismantling misconceptions and fostering dialogue surrounding mental health and substance abuse.

“My mono-act presents the story of a young schoolboy who gets caught up in the drug trade. It also shows how his life changed due to addiction and how he manages to break free from it. I am really happy and proud to present a mono-act for social good,” Ratheesh told “Open Digest“.

Ratheesh has also performed outside Kerala in cities like Coimbatore, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai. Ratheesh says that in his interaction with different types of people as a campaigner against drugs, he has realized that kids fall into the drug trap because of not getting enough care, love, and attention at home. “Parents need to spend time with their children. The fight against drugs should begin from home,” he added.

Ratheesh is targeting to perform the mono-act on at least 1000 stages in the coming years to raise awareness against drugs. As Ratheesh continues to captivate audiences with his compelling mono-act performances, his message against drug abuse reverberates far and wide, igniting a beacon of hope in the fight for a drug-free society. Through the transformative power of art, he proves that even the smallest voices can spark monumental change.

(This article is part of the anti-drug campaign #ChooseLife in association with Infopark, Kochi and Kerala Police.)

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  1. Ratheesh Varavoor March 11, 2024

    Thank you somuch Amritha and Open Digest.. ❣️❣️

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