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When a B Pharm graduate in Kerala found success in quail egg powder

Shalu James

Shalu James is a B Pharm graduate. But instead of choosing a career based on his education, 27-year-old Shalu of Olimkadavu P O, Palakkad in Kerala has launched an innovative business of producing quail egg powder which has become a big hit in various e-commerce portals. Shalu’s decision to defy convention and embark on a journey of entrepreneurship has helped him discover both success and personal solace.

His calling to do quail farming has not only transformed his own life but also brought comfort to his mother amidst her battle with cancer. Though Shalu did his B Pharm and aspired to secure a stable and well-paying job with his qualification, he realised the limited opportunities available to him and made a bold decision to start quail farming as he had read about the nutritional benefits of quail eggs.

In fact, he didn’t stop at launching a quail farm at his native place, he delved into extensive research and discovered the untapped market for value-added products from quail eggs. “I knew that there is a huge demand for quail eggs. But after conducting some research, I found that the market badly needed valued-added products from quail eggs,” said Shalu who has launched quail egg-based products under the brand name “Quail Shop”.

Through meticulous planning and dedication, Shalu transformed his modest farm into a thriving enterprise in the last four years. His mother Sali James, 50 and his father James Sebastian,55, are totally into the activities of the farm. Shalu is happy that his farm became a place of respite and rejuvenation for his mother.

“My family is totally supporting me. My mother is fully into the activities of the farm. She was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and has to undergo treatment. Once she started to engage in the works of the farm, she became fully occupied. She is happy being engaged in the work at the farm.” Shalu told “Open Digest”.

What sets Shalu apart is his focus on developing innovative products from quail eggs. “Our quail egg powder is a hit on Amazon. We are getting a lot of orders for it. Apart from quail egg powder, we have also launched quail meat pickle and quail egg pickle,” he said. Shalu has a sister Shilu James who is preparing for Chartered Accountancy.

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