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When Kumarakom residents turned 42 acres barren land into bountiful paddy field

Farmers of Kumarakkom at the paddy field which they revived.

A group of farmers and local residents in Kumarakom, Kerala have joined hands to breathe life back into a once-barren paddy field by successfully conducting paddy cultivation. Overcoming challenges and pooling their resources, these farmers have not only revived the paddy field which had been lying barren for the last 16 years but also reaped a bountiful harvest.

The farmers and the residents conducted farming on 42 acres after realising the fact that many paddy fields in this area had been facing neglect and degradation over the years.

“We decided to reverse this trend after the 2018 floods. We got inspired from the Methran Kayal paddy cultivation revival. Our mission was to rejuvenate 45 acres of barren paddy field that had been lying fallow for years. We pooled in money and took a loan from the bank to revive paddy farming,” said Shijo John, a resident of Kumarakkom who was part of the team that revived the paddy field.

The journey to revive the paddy field was not without its challenges. Though they prepared the field by working for hours and spending money, sudden heavy downpour immediately after the sowing of seeds totally derailed their plans. “We had to start from scratch. But we were not ready to give up. We also got the support of the agricultural department,” Shijo told “Open Digest“.

A committee comprising local residents P B Ashokan, Jaymohan Maruthachil, Nivil Alikunju, Pushkaran Kunnathu Chira, Baiju Chavarrepura, Kunjumon, and Tibi Thaithara was also formed to oversee the works.

Through sheer hard work and perseverance, the efforts of the farmers began to bear fruit. Gradually, the once-barren landscape transformed into a thriving paddy field, teeming with life and vibrancy. The sight of lush green rice paddies swaying in the gentle breeze became a testament to the power of community action and sustainable farming practices.

“The yield exceeded our expectations, with bumper crops of high-quality rice. The success of the effort is a source of inspiration for us to expand our farming next time,” Shijo added.

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  1. Anonymous March 30, 2024

    excellent effort, food donors

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