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Why a Kannur village is grateful to this young doctor

Aswin Mukundan attending a patient at his clinic in SN Puram, Thalassery (Left). Aswin Mukundan (Right) Photos: Special Arrangement.

In this village in Kannur, Kerala, you don’t need to pay fees to consult a doctor or even do a blood sugar test. Yes, for the last five years, a young doctor from Thalassery has been offering free consultation to patients at his village, SN Puram.

Through this generous initiative, 34-year-old Aswin Mukundan aims to provide much-needed healthcare services to the people of his village. After completing his MBBS and MD, Aswin returned to give back to his village where he grew up in a community that cared for and supported each other. “I have always felt a deep connection to this place and its people. Providing free medical consultation is my way of expressing gratitude and ensuring that everyone here has access to basic healthcare,” Aswin told “Open Digest“.

He, with the support of his father Mukundan Madathil, 73, and a few fellow villagers, also established a foundation called Jyoshith Memorial Charitable Trust in 2019 in memory of his cousin Jyoshith K, who passed away due to cancer while serving in the Indian Army.

“I wanted to give back to the society which I loved the most. It was my dream to become a doctor, and I firmly believe that God made a doctor to help people,” said Aswin.

Aswin, who specialised in Advanced Diabetes Care, works as Chief Consultant at Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre in Kozhikode. He conducts the free consultation clinic on the first Sunday of every month at Sree Narayana Library in SN Puram from 8 am.

The clinic where local residents have volunteered to help the doctor

The clinic also offers free blood sugar tests, and the doctor is supported by a retired nurse and a group of local volunteers. “Raising small funds for glucometre strips for blood sugar tests was initially an issue. But soon people of the village came forward to support the noble cause. If there is a celebration in a family in the village like a child’s birthday, a house warming, or a marriage, the family contributes a small amount for the conduct of the free clinic,” he said.

Aswin has also won several accolades for his contribution to diabetes study. He was honoured with the JPEF Award and the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India Award for his generous contributions to diabetic research. Furthermore, his article was included in the journal issued by Birmingham University, recognising him as one of the Indian doctors noted for outstanding contributions to diabetes research.

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