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You are never stranded in Kasaragod: Abdul Sathar ensures you reach home safely

Abdul Sathar being appreciated by police personnel in Kasaragod. (File Pic). Photo: Special Arrangement

You are never stranded in Kasaragod if you land in the town during late hours. A Good Samaritan has been ferrying people for free to their destinations safely for the last 18 years. Abdul Sathar, 58, of Thalangara in Kasaragod, is a construction worker who has made it his mission to provide free rides to people who are stuck during late hours at the bus stand and railway station in Kasaragod.

Abdul Sathar took up this noble mission after encountering many people who were stranded in the town, unable to find an autorickshaw or taxi to reach their destination. He bought a scooter for this purpose and operates his free rides for stranded people from Kasaragod railway station and bus stand from 7:30 pm to 3 am. Abdul Sathar has an emotional reason for helping people reach home safely.

“In 1979, my father, Muhammad Asinar, a seaman who worked on a ship, went missing during one of his sea trips. I dropped him off at the railway station before his journey, and since then, I haven’t seen him. I know how it feels to have loved ones not returning home. I am doing my bit to help people reach back home safely to their loved ones,” he said.

Abdul Sathar

Abdul Sathar also operates his free-ride services during hartals and other strike days. “There have been several occasions when I have had to confront resistance from people who objected to me offering free rides to others. But those threats haven’t deterred me from offering my service,” Abdul Sathar told “Open Digest.”

“People used to offer me money for helping them, but I politely refuse. I’m happy when I see off the people safely at their homes,” he said.

Abdul Sathar takes people to rural destinations in Kasaragod district, and he always carries an extra bottle of petrol along with him to ensure that he doesn’t get stranded on his way back after dropping people off in faraway places, which are 35 to 40 km away from Kasaragod town. Abdul Sathar has won accolades from the police and several other prominent personalities for his humble service to the people.

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