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Young Kerala engineer all set to revolutionise packaging with eco-friendly containers

Ardra Nair

A young and innovative engineer from Kerala is making waves with her startup that aims to revolutionise the cosmetics packaging landscape. Her startup Greenamor Ventures has come out with an eco-friendly container as an alternative to plastic containers.

Meet Ardra Nair, a 30-year-old entrepreneur who has determined to combat the plastic pollution crisis by introducing the eco-friendly containers made using coir waste and bio-polymers extracted from plants.

After successfully developing a prototype, Ardra and her startup Greenamor Ventures are now looking forward to commercial production of the containers which are completely environmentally friendly and can deliver the same purpose as plastic containers. “We use the coir fibres that are considered waste during the production of mats and other coir products. Our project is so far successful and we are getting tremendous support,” Ardra told “Open Digest“.

A post-graduate in translational engineering, Ardra decided to pursue her dream to find an alternative to plastic packaging for cosmetics and medicine realising the volume of plastic waste that ends up in landfill and water bodies.

“The cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry heavily depend on plastic containers. So I thought of coming out with an alternative solution. We decided to make use of coir waste because the coir industries generate large volumes of coir waste during the manufacturing of different types of coir products. We identified that this coir waste can be utilised to create a value-added product and we started working on it,” she said adding that the journey in coming out with a prototype was challenging.

“Plastic is cheap and the best solution available for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies for packaging. The challenge was to come out with a similar eco-friendly product that is viable for packaging,” she said.

In the last two years, Ardra and her team have put immense effort into making the prototype. “We are working on diversifying the containers as per specific requirement. Thorough tests are on to check the chemical reactivity of the containers to each product. Currently, our product is in the process of validation. We already have some orders and we expect to start delivering it this year itself,” she added.

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