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Young Kerala entrepreneur’s startup Messwaala fights hunger, empowers women

Faisal K H

A 29-year-old BSc optometry graduate from Kerala is making waves with his meal supply startup Messwaala in Kochi that not only offers quality food at affordable rates but also feeds the hungry and generates employment for women.

Faisal K H of Vellarakkad, Thrissur started Messwaala to not only serve delicious meals to those who can afford them but also extend a helping hand to those who cannot afford. Faisal told “Open Digest” that Messwaala operates on a simple yet impactful model which ensures that food from every cancelled meal order is provided  to the needy.

“We run the meal supply on a monthly subscription model. Customers can choose different monthly meal plans based on their food choice and budget. The food prepared at our state-of-the-art kitchen is delivered at the spot opted by the customer. We specifically cater to students and office goers. Each time when a customer couldn’t accept the food delivery for any specific reason, the food is provided to the needy,” Faisal said, adding that his startup which is now four-month-old could generate a customer base of 1000 and deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“We have set up the kitchen at Pathadipalam. We could offer employment to at least 30 women who manage the day to day activities of the kitchen,” Faisal said.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Messwaala is its mission to uplift women who are good at cooking. “We are planning to expand our operations to Kozhikode. We are looking at partners who could help us scale our operations. Once we expand, we aim at employing more women who could prepare a diverse range of delectable and nutritious meals for delivery,” Faisal added.

“We are determined to make a positive impact on society through Messwaala,” Faisal said, adding that his stay in Kochi a few years back for a job gave him the idea to launch Messwaala. “It’s very hard to find quality and reliable food in Kochi at an affordable rate. We ensure that we provide food to our customers at a monthly affordable plan ranging from Rs 3500 to Rs 5000,” he added.  For Faisal, Messwaala is not just a meal supply startup, but a venture empowering women and fostering a culture of compassion.

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