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Young Kerala girl wins hearts of Britons with her music, cricketing skills

Eve Elyne. Image By: Special Arrangement

A 16-year-old Malayalee girl from Kochi in Kerala is winning the hearts of people of United Kingdom with her music and cricketing skills. Eve Elyne, who relocated to Colchester in the United Kingdom two years ago along with her parents, caught the attention of music lovers in the United Kingdom by releasing a song titled “My Lover,” which she wrote, composed, orchestrated, sang, and produced.

She really surprised the selectors of the Sunrisers Regional Emerging Player Programme, launched by the England Cricket Board (ECB) to identify young talents and nurture them for the national team, when she demonstrated her batting skills. Eve, who got selected for the programme, will undergo extensive training in the coming years.

Though the relocation to the United Kingdom was hard for her, leaving behind her friends and family in Kochi where she grew up and attended school, the young girl chose to immerse herself in music to soothe herself. She feels that music and cricket have helped her stay focused. Her song was released through her YouTube channel @EveElyneOfficial.

“Music helped me to understand who I was and to find a solution to calm me down. It helped me not to stress out. It was something that I was very comfortable doing and something that I was able to be creative with,” Eve Elyne told “Open Digest.”

Eve is a fan of Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish, and she wants to continue writing as many songs as possible and compose them. “My dream and focus are to sign a deal with a record label for penning, composing, and singing. I’m sure that I will take every opportunity that comes my way, and that is one of my goals that I’m aiming towards. I also want to pursue higher education in music,” she added.

Eve, who started learning music at the age of nine, plays keyboard, drums, piano, guitar (electric and acoustic), and cajon. “I studied different instruments while I was in Kochi. I learned the keyboard from Notes N Chords, Elamkulam, run by Anson Mathews, and drums from Ajayaghosh in the initial stages and thereafter from Flemine Mathews (Kalaniketan, Panampilly Nagar),” she said.

Even after moving to the UK, Eve continued learning keyboard and drums through online coaching from Anson and Flemine, respectively. An ardent lover of Pop and Rock, she has composed her first song, ‘My Lover,’ in the form of a Pop ballad.

Her talent in music got recognition at her school, The Gilberd School in Colchester, where she is the lead guitarist in the school’s Soul Band. Eve was the captain of Ernakulam District Cricket Association Secretary’s XI girls’ team at the time of leaving for the United Kingdom.

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  1. Anonymous January 19, 2024

    Great story, inspiring 👏👏👏👏👏
    Keep going, Ajay 💪😄😄💪

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