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“Zero Waste Hackathon” in Kerala to turn your waste management ideas into reality

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Do you have an innovative idea to address the challenges in waste management? If yes, submit it and get help to transform the idea into a reality.

Local Self-Government Department, K-Disc, KILA, Suchitwa Mission, Haritha Keralam Mission, Clean Kerala Company and Kudumbashree have come together to organise “The Zero Waste Hackathon” aimed at discovering innovative and integrated solutions to address challenges in the waste management sector. As per an official release, the hackathon is organised to find solutions with technical excellence and social acceptance, by focusing on the issues that need to be solved through the process of innovation, involving organizations, start-ups and idea providers working inside and outside the state.

The hackathon will be a platform for startups, entrepreneurs and organisations to present ideas on technologies for waste management, waste separation, waste transfer, business models for waste treatment, waste recycling, waste reduction and recovery, resource reuse and management.

Officials said the government aims to find solutions to over 30 distinct problems related to waste management in the hackathon.

“The Zero Waste Hackathon serves as a platform to identify new solutions to the escalating waste crisis. By addressing the root causes of waste generation, the hackathon aims to generate innovative ideas that promote sustainable practices. The scope of the hackathon goes beyond mere waste disposal, envisioning a comprehensive approach that encompasses waste prevention, reuse, recycling, and composting,” an official statement said.

Startups, institutions, and idea providers can submit their innovative solutions through until December 3.

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