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71-year-old Kochi woman takes Instagram by storm with homemade delights

Nalini Menon

While women of her age shy away from the camera and social media, Kochi resident Nalini Menon is busy preparing scripts for her next reel shoot on Instagram. Yes, in the age of social media influencers and viral sensations, 71-year-old Nalini from Kadavanthra in Kochi is the latest sensation storming social media with her delectable dishes and charming demeanour.

A simple home maker all her life, Nalini never imagined she would become an internet sensation in her golden years. However, after mastering the art of operating a smartphone and navigating social media apps, she decided to share her lifelong passion for cooking with the world.

Nalini Menon

It all started during the Covid days in 2020 when Nalini and her son Jayasankar were struck at her home without any thing much to do. Jayasankar, who used to do food vlogging, came up with an idea to make a cooking video featuring his mother.

“I cooked ‘Pulimulak,’ a simple, quick and easy curry, for the first video which was uploaded on social media. The video got millions of likes and appreciation. In fact, this encouraged me. I thought, why not share my love for cooking with others? It’s never too late to try something new,” Nalini told “Open Digest.”

In 2020, Nalini created her instagram profile “Ennu Swantham Amma,” where she started sharing her cooking methods and recipes of various traditional Kerala dishes. In addition to her recipes of delicious meals, her warm personality, simple presentation and her enthusiasm for cooking captivated the audience.

What began as a humble endeavour to document her favourite recipes quickly evolved into something much bigger. “I never imagined people would enjoy watching me cook. The response has been overwhelming,” she said.

Nalini’s each video is a testament to her decades of experience in the kitchen. As Nalini continues to delight her growing fanbase with new recipes, she proves that age is truly just a number when it comes to pursuing one’s passion.


  1. P. N. Mathew March 27, 2024

    Maintenance and repairing of domestic equipments is a good source of income and time passing to women in cities. This can be done without any capital investment, but only a space for the above. It is easy to get training also. Items like mixi, fan, small electric utensils can be repaired easily. The service of retired technical training staff used without much efforts in cities.

  2. Anonymous March 27, 2024

    Your idea and innovation for daily income is much appreciated. Specialy in a country where jobs have become too competitive and few a far in between. Well done and Keep going my best wishes

  3. Paroo March 27, 2024

    Great inspirational stories 👍

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