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AI cameras bring down accidents by over 65 % in Kerala

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Installation of AI cameras in Kerala to check traffic violations has yielded promising results with Kerala government releasing data showing that the accidents have come down.

Since the implementation, the advanced AI surveillance system has significantly contributed to minimising collisions, enhancing traffic flow and ultimately making the roads in Kerala safer for all residents and commuters. As per the latest data, there has been a remarkable 65.57 per cent drop in road accidents in the state. While there were 3,714 accidents in the state in June 2022, the number dropped to 1,278 after the installation of AI cameras in June 2023. “Similarly, the fatality rate decreased from 344 to 140. The number of injuries decreased from 4,172 to 1,468 during the same period,” said the official data.

Of the 20,42,542 motor vehicle violations were detected using the AI cameras from June 5 to July 3, the highest number was for riding two-wheelers without helmets (73,887) followed by co-passengers traveling without helmets (30,213), front seat passengers in cars not wearing seat belts (57,032), car drivers not wearing seat belts (49,775), mobile phone use (1,846) and triple riding on two-wheelers (1,818).

“The AI traffic cameras have proven effective in enforcing traffic laws and ensuring compliance,” said a senior officer of the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD). “The presence of AI cameras has significantly deterred reckless driving behaviours, leading to a more disciplined and law-abiding traffic environment,” he added.

Even motorists have come forward in support of the AI cameras. “We remain alert on the road and obey the traffic rules knowing that these cameras are actively watching for violations. Motorists have become more cautious and started to obey traffic rules,” said Ramakrishnan K, 42, who used to frequent between Kochi and Thrissur in his car.

Both the Motor Vehicles Department and Kerala Police are exploring further options to bring more stretches of the road under the surveillance of the AI cameras through private participation. “We are seeking the support of companies and other private organisations to support the initiative by sponsoring the AI cameras, ” said the officer.

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