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Defying odds, ‘Little Youth’ from Kerala builds big muscles to win Mr South India title

Abhijith P P

Malappuram resident Abhijith P P always dreamt of becoming a bodybuilder. Being a dwarf, he knew his limitations. But his unwavering passion for bodybuilding led him to embark on a remarkable journey which ultimately won him the Mr South India title in the physically challenged category. Through determination and perseverance, 19-year-old Abhijith , a degree student at Zamorin’s Guruvayurappan College in Kozhikode, Kerala, defied convention and sculpted his body into a symbol of strength and resilience.

“I was inspired to become a bodybuilder by my neighbours who used to go to the gym every day. Though I knew my physical limitations, I wanted to give it a try. When I told one of my neighbours about my desire, he motivated me and financially helped me after seeing my interest in bodybuilding,” Abhijith told “Open Digest.”

It was in January 2023 that Abhijith joined the gym near his house in Chelari. The gym trainer noticed his interest and motivated him to compete in the physically challenged category of the Mr. Calicut contest. Soon, Abhijith started working tirelessly to hone his physique, determined to prove that size was no barrier to success. In March 2023, he participated in the Mr. Calicut and Mr. Malappuram contests, winning prizes. These victories gave him the confidence to compete in the Mr. South India contest held in January of this year in Chennai, where he won the title.

“The journey has never been easy. I didn’t have enough money to follow the correct diet plan for a bodybuilder. But I somehow managed with my handicapped pension,” he said. It’s his mother who works and supports the family after his father fell ill due to some physical ailments. Abhijith wants to shoulder the responsibility of the family by finding a job soon and simultaneously pursuing his passion in bodybuilding.

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