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Four Kerala friends turn Kozhikode Halwa into Fulva, earn lakhs

From Left: Shabas Ahamed N C, Thesreef Ali P K, Sanu Muhammed C and Irfan Safar S.

Just out of college after graduation, four friends from Kozhikode in Kerala have scripted an entrepreneurial success after their innovative idea to showcase different varieties of Kozhikodan Halwa to the world under the brand name “Fulva” struck gold.

Shabas Ahamed N C, 22, Sanu Muhammed C, 22, Irfan Safar S, 21, and Thesreef Ali P K, 22, are now on top of the world after their small idea blossomed into a booming business with orders flooding in from across the country for their unique assorted halwas called “Fulva”.

“We grew up together as close friends in Kozhikode, Kerala, savouring Kozhikode’s own delicacy, Halwa. But we realized that there is no common major brand for Halwa which could really grab the attention of foodies worldwide. We knew there were a lot of expert Halwa makers in Kozhikode who could make the world’s best Kozhikode Halwa of different tastes. We identified them and supplied them with the best quality products to make the Halwas under the brand Fulva,” Shabas Ahamed, one of the co-founders of Fulva, told “Open Digest“.

Pooling their resources and expertise, the friends formed a company called Calicut Cousins Private Limited and meticulously curated a selection of halwa varieties, each representing the unique flavor and mastery of its maker.

“We launched an online store to sell the Fulva and introduced different sizes of gift boxes of halwa. We also offer customised boxes of assorted halwas for special occasions,” Shabas added. Through their online platform and strategic marketing efforts, the friends successfully tapped into the growing demand for authentic regional delicacies, captivating the taste buds of halwa connoisseurs nationwide.

Their eight-month-old venture also has a mission statement as they support small-time halwa makers in Kozhikode by partnering with them to supply the highest quality of halwa, offering them a steady income. The success of Fulva has not only brought recognition to Kozhikode’s halwa artisans but also provided them with an opportunity to earn an income.

“It’s been only eight months since we launched Fulva. We are getting tremendous support from people. We are planning to expand our portfolio by adding more unique flavours and items,” Shabas added.


  1. Sri ram April 17, 2024

    This is the way to go, earning and serving other, small businesses, 🙏🙏🙏🌹

  2. Ashwin George April 18, 2024

    Great job guys.. very much inspiring work you guys.. God Bless your startup immensely for others growth also ✨

  3. Sudheer. B April 18, 2024

    Excellent work. Promoted always this type of eco friendly innovations.

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