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Kerala startup iHub Robotics secures investment from Qatar Investment Frame

Akhil Haridas, Athil Krishna and Sarath S, the three founders of iHub Robotics in Kochi, Kerala. Image Credit : i Hub Robotics

Kerala-based startup iHub Robotics has successfully secured a significant investment from Qatar Investment Frame, which has acquired a two percent stake in the company. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for iHub Robotics and signals a new era of growth and opportunity for the startup.

iHub Robotics, based out of Kochi, has rapidly gained recognition for its innovative robots, which have the potential to disrupt several industrial sectors.

“Qatar Investment Frame has infused Rs two crore into iHub Robotics, securing a two per cent equity stake,” said iHub Robotics CEO Athil Krishna. He stated that the investment will significantly aid iHub Robotics in expanding its portfolio and taking the company to new heights.

“We are looking to expand our operations in the GCC region in Q4, driven by the growing acceptance of our products, which are set to reshape the robotics and automation market. With an impressive 100% growth expected in the order book in the next two quarters, we have targeted impressive growth,” Athil Krishna told “Open Digest.”

The growth and achievement of iHub Robotics is a major recognition to the positive journalism spearheaded by Open Digest and the value our news stories deliver to our discerning readers across the globe.

It was Open Digest that broke a news report on July 3, 2023 about this Kochi startup’s final discussion with Dubai government to close a major deal on an innovative low-cost communication satellite which they developed after putting in years of hard work.

The investment by Qatar Investment Frame reflects a strong vote of confidence in the startup’s vision and capabilities. The funding not only provides iHub Robotics with the necessary capital for expansion but also grants them access to a vast market in the Middle East.

“We are committed to innovation, with three new product developments underway and the grand opening of our new production center in December 2023. With a robust portfolio of five subsidiaries, we are generating substantial revenue,” Athil Krishna said.

This development is not just significant for iHub Robotics but also symbolises the larger trend of small startups attracting global investors who recognise the potential of innovative ventures.

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