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She studied sociology but now earns lakhs selling ornamental fish

Parvathy Vinod at her ornamental fish farm. Photo: Lekshmi M S

After graduation, while many would have strived for a job either in the government or private sector, this 36-year-old sociology graduate from Alappuzha in Kerala chose to become an ornamental fish farmer and earn lakhs.

Without any prior experience in the field, Parvathy Vinod of Puthuppally Alappuzha has build a thriving ornamental fish farm business becoming a beacon of inspiration for many.

Parvathy’s entrepreneurial journey began16 years ago when she got married into a family which had two small ponds where they farmed fish for consumption. Realising that the demand for edible fish varied from season to season, she started conducing research on different ornamental fish.

“I noticed that the demand for edible fish used to fluctuate a lot and the profit from it was very less. So I decided to try ornamental fish farming and it turned out to be a game-changer becoming a profitable venture within months,” Parvathy told “Open Digest“.

Parvathy now breeds and sells different varieties of ornamental fish like Carp, Molly, Platy, Angel and Guppy. “The ornamental fish farm is my main source of income. I sell the fish to ornamental fish retailers and also to direct customers,” she said.

Parvathy recalls that learning the nuances of ornamental fish farming wasn’t an easy task and she had to spend days researching and studying on different ornamental fish. According to her, the major points that one needs to consider focusing while doing fish farming is breeding techniques, water quality management, and disease control. She regularly conducts workshops to educate others about ornamental fish farming, encouraging more women to explore this field.

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